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p r e s e n t s::
ICU Session:: ONE
mixed by Kimball Collins - USA

* America's best selling DJ Mix Compilation Series

International Club Union - Session:: ONE

74 min of Pure Trance and House Music Pleasure
continuously mixed by legendary Kimball Collins
America's best selling Trance CD 

::ARTIST - SONG - Label::
1.) Water - Fathers of Sound feat. Sharon May Lin
2.) El Nino - Agnelli & Nelson
3.) Obelix (Terra Firma Mix) - Terra Firma feat. I-Ching
4.) Bulgarian (Signum Mix) - Travel
5.) The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon Mix) - The Age of Love
6.) Cafe' Del Mar '98 (Three N' One Mix - Sharam Jey) - Energy 52
7.) Body Shine (Sharam Jey Mix) - Billy Hendrix
8.) New Life - Kimball Collins/Deckard
9.) Sonic Bliss - K-I Project (Kimball Collins / DJ Icey)
10.) I am Ready (Electro Mix) - Face The Phase
12.) Milky Way - Cyrus & The Joker

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Requires Real G2 Player 

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