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ICU Generation Trance 2000 - Episode 1
mixed by Kimball Collins

* America's best selling Trance Compilation Series

A collection of America's and Europe's best Trance Anthems
Compiled by America's # 1 Trance DJ, Kimball Collins
74 minutes of Pure Trance Music Pleasure 

As electronic music revolutionizes the modern soundscape, Trance has emerged as the music of choice for a new generation of music lovers, uniting dance floors around the world. Generation Trance 2000 showcases the hottest Trance Anthems from Europe and America which are guaranteed to rock dance floors and stereo systems everywhere in the year to come. This compilation is mixed by America's most sought after Trance DJ, Kimball Collins who played over 150 tour dates in over 75 cities last year alone. Kimball also is the only American DJ, which has residencies at three of America's best top 10 clubs. 

With Generation Trance 2000 - Episode I, once again, ICU delivers cutting edge tunes mixed a world class DJ for your listing pleasure.

::ARTIST - SONG - Label::
Imagination / K90 Remix - Jon The Dentist Vs. Ollie Jaye - Tidy Trax 
Where Are You Now / Moonman Remix - The Generator - Purple Eye Productions
Communication / Original Mix - Armin - Cyber Records
Take You There / Original Mix - Ron Hagen & Pascal M. - BPM Dance
Coming On Strong - Signum Feat. Scott Mac - BPM Dance
Exodus / Fire & Ice Remix - Sunscream - Big Fish Music / Sony Music UK
Unlovable / M.I.K.E. Remix - Quadran feat. Tasha - Lighting Records
My Love Will Surround You / Future Mix - Stone Love - Progressive State Records
Lost In Love / DJ Taucher Remix - 3Lanka
Ogo / The Digital Blondes ' End Of An Era Mix - The Def Set - Fluid Recordings
 The Child / Original Mix - Mea Culpa - FourD Recordings

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