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ICU Generation Trance 2000 - Episode
mixed by Pascal Dolle - Germany

* America's best selling Trance Compilation Series

A collection of America's and Europe's best Trance Anthem's
mixed by Germamy's top DJ Pascal Dolle' 
74 minutes of the finest Trance Music

ICU presents the much anticipated Generation Trance 2000 - Episode 2, featuring exclusive Trance Anthems by Germany's legendary Producer Ayla / DJ Tandu and Kimball Collins, as well as European Billboard chart-breakers such as "Angelfalls", "Anastasia" and "Lullaby".  Mixed by Pascal Dolle', one of the youngest, most successful DJs in Germany, ICU Generation Trance 2000 Episode 2 promises more of the latest, cutting-edge Trance Anthems that are uniting dancers and listeners globally.

With Generation Trance 2000 - Episode II, once again, ICU delivers cutting edge tunes mixed a world class DJ for your listing pleasure.

01. DJ Tandu presents Ayla - Brainchild

02. Martin Eyerer - Euphoria
03. Anastasia - Join Me
04. Two Mind - The Race
05. Das Licht - Traumwelten
06. Lady Tom - Loops & Tings
07. Lullaby - Lullaby (Available soon on ICU 12")
08. Freezer - Just Follow
09. Ayla - Angelfalls
10. Kimball Collins feat. Cameron Lasswell - Free Spirit

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Requires Real G2 Player 

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